CORE Music Foundation

Music, Literacy & Arts Programming

CORE Music Foundation aims to provide educational programming in the arts, mainly music and literacy. We provide outlets for creative expression, social interaction and entertainment. Our songwriting and production camp for school children, allows creative expression in a safe and loving environment. We also offer various workshops for creative writers, poets, songwriters, musicians, performers, DJs, and talent of all ages. In addition to music and arts programming, CORE Music Foundation administers community service hours to volunteers, we engage in outreach to the homeless, and we provide mentorship to creative teens and young adults. Our team consists of performing artists who currently work in the music industry, emerging artists striving to make their mark, and the members of various communities worldwide who embrace our music, literacy, and arts programming. CORE Music Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, Incorporated in the State of Illinois on January 21, 2005. Support CORE in using the arts to inspire the community at large. Donate here. Thank you!